Samsung LE40N picture problem?



I've had a Samsung LE40N87BDX for a few weeks. Notice when watching DTV that there is sometimes faint 'waves' running up the screen. It is more noticable in dark scenes. Is it a problem with the TV or just what happens on Freeview somtimes? I use the internal freeview on the TV.



hi mate i have the same prob when watching sky and dtv is fine with xbox360 have u solved it yet as mine has been goin on for a month now and still no luck


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I have also this tv and have some problems like judder and this waves when the view is changing on the screen. What firmware you have ?


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I have a similar problem on my LE40S. There are slight waves or flicker when showing dark scenes on mine too. Its worse on Freeview through the scart, and can still be seen faintly when watching HDMI.
I have mild OCD so this is starting to kill me on this inside, lol
I have a surge protected plug to try and eliminate any interferance and have high quality connections as well as using the clips on the back to direct the cables correctly. I just cant work out how to sort it out. Would it be anything in the Engineers menu I could tweak to fix this or am i just screwed with a duff set?


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I paid for this tv 1100 pounds 7 months ago and I hate this tv the picture is very bad with movie plus on and off. So I think that I will destroy it and the problem will disapear.

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