Samsung LE40M87BDX access service menu without remote


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Looks like I have repaired a Samsung LE40M87BDX for a friend.
They did not give me the remote and I want to do a factory reset as I have no digital stations.

Looks like I need the service menu but everything I read refers to using a remote.



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Thanks, now have DTV though. Found 'Source' button on side and after selecting DTV I can tune in digital stations.
One thing that seems odd though, is that when source is on Analogue then when I press Menu there is a full range of picture and sound settings but when TV source is on DTV and I press menu there are no picture and sound settings. I am referring to Menu when pressed on the side of the TV of course as I have no remote.
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Samsung TV's of that vintage have a separate “DTV” menu button on the remote giving various options.
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