Samsung LE40M87 loss of sound



Have just bought our brand new and shiny LE40M87 just 2 days ago, and it is great! However, after leaving the room for a few minutes last night, came back in to find that all output sound had gone from the tv. Tried different DTV channels and Sky channels, all with no sound. Confirmed with small portable TV that the Sky box output was ok, and lo and behold we had sound on the portable. So it would seem that the LE40M87 after 2 days, has lost its internal sound output completely. We currently get a couple of seconds of sound every minute or so, very randomly and intermittently.

Is this a problem that has been seen before??

Am just about to go back to Comet and demand a replacement - a repair of this model is just not acceptable after I have only had it for 2 days, as I do not want to lose the tv for a period of days / weeks on a repair!

Does anyone have any views on this problem, or on what I should do?

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