Samsung Le40m86bd With!!!



OK all please be gentle with me...I am new to all this HDTV scene.
We have a PS3..(which we love) and really want to get the best out of it.
Originally (because I am a "sony" man) I was going to buy the Sony KDL40W2000..But when looking around was quite taken by the looks of the Samsung...and its cheaper to boot!
However after trawling this excellent site I am now nervous about parting with my readies.
1. Will my ps3 work at best quality?
2. will bluray work?
3. Will normal TV be bad quality?
4. can an inexperienced guy like me set it all up?

All the chat of problems and firmware this that and the other leave me reeling. Maybe I should just go for the Sony and risk the cloudin?..I gues i wouldny se it anway!!

Please please..all guidance welcomed.
Thanks in anticipation


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Just plug the PS3 in via HDMI connection and it automatically detects the best resolution the TV supports, in the case of the samsung 1080p and yes you will see the PS3 at its best, BLU RAY in the native resolution and even upscaled DVD's look nearly as good, do it you will not be sorry!:thumbsup:

SD "normal" tv will look different as it upscales the picture to fit the screen, but as long as you are not too close to the screen you will not notice too much need to be 10 ft away probably with a 40" screen, perhaps someone with a 40 could comment better

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