samsung LE40M86BD & Laptop



Hey I need some help:

Just baught A samsung t.v with free view and want to play my d.v'd on the t.v using my Laptop

the laptop is A HP Pavillion dv9000
which plays dvd's

Im using a analogue monitor lead
(data-mp3-digital & analogue display)
connected in to my lap top then into the t.v
But the only picture im receiving from the laptop is the desktop back ground when the d.v.d is playing on the laptop

Read and read the manual and I seem too be doing all the correct things, But obviously not
(Sorry if this is in wrong area, 1st day here)
Wouldnt mind some help thanks Liam. ?:lease:


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have you set your laptop display settings to extend your desktop to the tv? IF this is the case, drag the dvd window across to the second screen (usually to the right). then maximise it there. Kinda hard to describe this - I came across the same issue this afternoon when demoing a 40f86. Took a reboot of the laptop for it to pick up the secondary screen resolution as 1920x1080, once set all I had on the samsung was my desktop wallpaper.




erm yes i think so, a little confused still tho!
All I have on the t.v is my desktop back ground
no movie.. at all.
been in to controle panel/display settings and have had little succsess:mad: ?
Bare with my friend..?


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Can you get the mouse cursor to appear on the TV? I just positioned my mouse half way down the right side of the laptop screen, then kept moving it to the right. It disappeared off the laptop screen and appeared on the TV.

Any luck?


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had this problem with a sammy 26" a while back.
I discovered that certain programmes don`t "translate" on the laptop / graphics driver. Update your graphics adaptor--not for newbies.
Try playing a video with Windozz media player to get you started. Previous answer is also correct re dragging screen across--make the image 3/4 screen size then pick it up with mouse near top left of blue bar & move complete image to the right. As it moves OFF the lappy it should appear ON the TV.
To access video settings right click on your desktop & nav to display settings--not for newbies--read the lappy book etc-- can be lots of little things that mess you around. Go to a forum for your model lappy & they will have sorted this before.
There can also be issues with the Samsung menu of what input is set for what.
Good luck.

just re read your msg & since you DO get the laptop top appear on TV in some fashion then don`t touch your adaptor. Try a file with windozz player.


chers guys, you have sorted it:thumbsup:
dragged the movie over to the other screen, was weird watching it disapear ha ha done now tho

my samsung has switched itself off a few times tho...?
on its own

many thanks liam.:smashin:

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