Samsung LE40M86BD Freeview Judder and Optical Sound Output Fault

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Hi guys,

Just collected my LE40M86BD (P7) from Empire Direct yesterday (after a great deal of hassle due to staff incompetence!). It's good overall but has a few faults.

The main one is the well-known freeview judder. In conjunction with this, the sound output from the optical keeps muting/unmuting itself quite often. This makes Freeview on this TV practically unwatchable.

Secondly, I have ghosting which is very noticable when switching between input sources. However, I am yet to see it interfere with any actual usage so this doesn't especially bother me. Also, I hear that ghosting often disappears over time with this set. Is this true?

With regards to the Freeview problems, I am not content to keep the TV in this state. However, I also do not want to be without a TV for any period of time and also fear that the replacement could have more serious faults such as dead pixels/loud backlight buzzing. Would Empire Direct/Samsung send someone round to my house to fix it here or replace the set whilst collecting the old one? How have other people got around these issues?


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HI, there are 2 threads already on this tv that may contain the answers you are looking for if not ask again in this thread it also contains a FAQ, and this thread it contains info on the freeview judder, as such I'll close this thread.

thread closed, Curly
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