Samsung LE40M61BX ?


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Oct 9, 2005
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Hi folks,

I'm a complete newbie to the forums, have been trolling for about 2 day's trying to make my mind up as to what TV to buy, but only just registered.

I have managed (by reading posts here) to put myself off Plasma due to screen retention issues, and had a brief flirt with the DLP unit but don't much like the look or size of the screen's I saw in comet. So its down to LCD I think.

Basically I like the sound of the Samsung LE40M61BX but can't seem to find it on any retailer website or instore, and staff from places like Comet and Curry just look at you with a blank expression and then reset to there default scripts. Anyknow any more about this set then is posted on the Samsung website or when its due out ?

Basically what I wanna do with it is the standard TV/DVD watching (mainly Sky) and for Xbox360 when it arrives. I like the idea of the 8ms pixel response it should make for good gaming experience.

Anyhow enough waffle, nice informative forums you have here. :clap:
Hiya M8,

U never guess what? i 2 have the same problem! Ive used this forum b4, verry gd! They gave me great help with my Arcam amp.

So anyway, google only returns like 3 results, dont think its released yet, but i will look into that and let u know! Im also kinda worried about the price! i think its gona be pretty steap, atleast a grand!

I truly recomend this lcd! Specs are pretty amazing.

I have the highest end 17" Viewsonic lcd monitor! It has 8ms, 500:1 contrast amazing grille pitch and all the extras, this lcd tv canes that!:eek:

I hope u have find it, if i do i will let u know & hopefully vice versa! Have u tried the dealer or stock locator on the samsung website?

If anybody else wants a bash at finding it, plz do! this model page! (love the look of it):thumbsup:

Good Luck lol, Ed
I found it! lol, £2,400, something! ouch! Better start saving!
The company what sold it, was european and they didnt deliver 2 England, with out putting a heft heft delivery charge!:eek:
your find it available here....

( if there is any left. ) :)

guy at samsung said it would be avail. at end of oct...
but it seems like the big shops havent got it in yet.

though there is a few ppl on this forum that have this set.
and a lot that have the le40r51b

Samsung LE40R51B 40" HD-Ready Widescreen LCD TV £1,575.01 inc VAT

Samsung LE40M51B Milano 1 40" HD Ready LCD TV £2,099.00 inc VAT

Samsung LE40M61B Milano 2 40" HD Ready LCD TV £2,199.00 inc VAT

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