Samsung LE40F86BDX (model 2007) noise in picture


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I have this TV bought back in 2007 and used it for playing on PS3 for 4-5 years actively. After then it was barely used. It was mostly in stand-by mode or plugged out of mains completely for years. Today when i turned it on i have noticed noise in picture on two different locations of the screen. As you can see on the photos (see attachments) the noise is only in a small rectangle area, and if you look at it closely you see that one noise rectangle area is at the upper left corner of first half of screen, the other noise rectangle area is at the upper left corner of the second half of screen. it is symmetric, not random.
It was tested on two HDMI ports and one AV port and the noise is the same so it is not output port related. I have tried to move the cables but nothing happens. I have disconnected the cables and have cleaned the contacts by isopropyl alcohol, i have also cleaned the boards with alcohol but did not help.

I have checked the boards visually, everything seems OK. Except top surface of two SMD capacitors on the FRC board are a bit not flat like the other caps. but it is not serious like they are blown, very slightly can be felt by finger that they are not completely flat as the other capacitors. I am wondering if they could be defective, i will try to change them later if i manage to get such caps.

Could anybody give me some tips what could be wrong, what should i check?

I would be very grateful.

thank you very much :)


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Given the age of your set you have nothing to lose by replacing those suspect caps.
You can even replace them with standard electrolytic radial caps, they look like 100uF/25V.
Just carefully unsolder the original ones and tack-solder the replacements onto the solder pads observing polarity.

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