Samsung LE40C650 / PS3 / 24p Blu-ray Playback


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Hi all,

Ive read quite abit about this but want to get some specifics for my own situation if possible.

Ok, so my PS3 with the latest firmware is my Bluray player. Its set to play BDs at 24hz. My new Samsung tv seems to pick this source up fine as when I hit the info button, it says 1080/24
I believe the tv is compatible also as my manual states that as well as the usual video modes, all 4 HDMI slots handle 1080/24p

Heres what I dont get. On my old 720p JVC set, I watched many BDs and never noticed anything in the way of motion judder. I assume that TV couldnt display 1080/24p anyway. As far as I could see, I was experiencing the same fluidity Id always seen on DVDs, but with the added clarity of HD.
Now, Ive noticed on this Samsung, a jerkiness in movie playback. The Motion Resolution settings are normally enabled on the tv, so I turned those off (as all purists advise!) and the performance was much worse. Panning shots are really bad with noticeable judder.

I understand the importance of the display device being able to match the source signal, so if the tv is properly handling the 24p signal, the motion should be smooth and natural?
The workaround so far is to leave the Motion Plus settings on the set enabled, this gives better fluidity in the panning shots Ive checked. But Im still getting a sort of motion sickness from fast action scenes, which I never got before upgrading my tv!

Can anyone advise me on this?


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Have tried the motion plus on various settings, including judder reduction at 0. The same thing still happens

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