Samsung LE40C580, LE40C650 or UE40C5800


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When looking for answers, it's always best to ask the experts; that’s why I'm posting this here (but enough with the sucking up). :laugh:

I have spent some time trolling the internet over the last few weeks looking for a new TV, and have come up with the ones below;

Samsung LE40C580 <-Cheapest
Samsung LE40C650 <- Most Features
Samsung UE40C5800 <-lovely and thin!

To give you a little background, I am looking for a 40>42" LCD with full HD and Freeview HD. Internet and 100Mhz are nice to have's but I'm not really fussed (a PS3 is going to be hooked up to it so the internet functionality is going to be pretty redundant), and can't honestly see an improvement between 50 and 100 (bad eyes I guess).

I'm looking to spend around £300>£500, and don't mind going Grade A / refurb / return route if it comes with a warranty.

At the moment I have a Dell W3202MC, so anything’s going to be a bit of a step up!

So, which of the three above would you pick, OR can you offer me an alternative?



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Do you watch blu-ray? If so, the 580 may not be the best as it doesn't have full 24p support. What are the uses of the TV?

The 5800 is an edgelit LED LCD and as such there is a risk of clouding may not be a bother but if you like dark stuff, often have a dark screen it may annoy.

Personally, I'd go for the 650, but then I watch lots of sport so would want the 100hz and don't game so the higher lag is utterly irrelevant :)

I'd also be looking at plasma with that budget - see if you can find a Panasonic 42s20, Tesco have had them in some stores for £350 this week! Otherwise a 2011 42U30
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Hey thanks for your reply, the TV will mostly be used for blu-rays, gaming and watching HD TV (the only sport I watch is F1, I'm one of these weird people that doesn't watch football).

I went and looked at the 580 and the 5800 in Comet yesterday, and of the two the 5800 was the better (IMO), I'm going to try and compare some plasmas today, but always felt it was slightly old (or so the water cooler chicken heads at work say) technology.
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