Samsung LE40C580 - Help diagnose fault?


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Hi All,

My Samsung LE40580C went black the other night while watching TV. It's less than two years old, but out of warranty.

Here is the issue:

Audio Works
Backlight is on
No video
All capacitors look okay

When i lightly tap the screen, it goes white for a bit then fades back to black.

Any thoughts? I opened the back up and everything looks fine, nothing burnt or leaking.

Should i try swapping out the AV board? Or is the fact that the audio is working imply that it is fine and it's a panel problem?

Many thanks all, i trust you will be more helpful than Samsung Support.

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There must be someone with the smarts out there -

Av Board?

Any help narrowing it down?

If the speakers are working and the backlight is working, surely it cant be the power supply?

If the AV board is picking up a signal that should be okay as well?

Does that mean it's likely the T-Con?

I got a quote from the Samsung TV repair people, gave the symptons over the phone and they seems to think its the power supply? But want £250 to fix, where i can by a power supply board and swap it out for £35...


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