Samsung LE40C530 vs Panasonic TX-P42U20E vs ?


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Hello every1,

I had to create an account here as i am going crazy. I have been searching the internet and reading here the forums, and still i found no answer. I decided this month ( eeaarllly this month ) i would buy a LCD TV for my PS3 ( like 90% gaming 10% TV ). 2 Weeks have passed and i always had in mind the 40C530 from samsung, as HDTVTEST stated an input lag of 14ms ( which now seems like it really isn't that low, every1 is getting 35ms+ )
The only HDMI device i own so far is my PS3, next year i might get HD TV , so i should do good with 2 HDMI ports only.

So i am in need of great help here please.

My goal is to find a tv with this characteristics:

Good Colors
Overall good image
LOWEST input lag possible
Full HD
2 HDMI or more
40" or more

Price range: Something like the Samsung LE40c530.

Guys just clear something for me here please. Is the 35ms+ input lag such a big deal to play on a Ps3? is that something someone will notice at the first sight? I am using a 23" LCD Monitor and never used anything other than that to play Ps3 so i have no idea what i should expect from 35ms on a 40".

Someone please help me take the right decision! :thumbsup:


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Moved to 'which TV' forum :)

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