Samsung LE40B530 instead of a Sony KDL 37 W5500


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Am I going mad?

I have the above TVs at the moment and one must go back!!

Samsung 40" £411.

Sony 37" £600.

I am thinking of keeping the Samsung due to size and price but am I mad?

The Sony ofcourse has the higher spec but I am on my 3rd set due to backlight bleed (although it can be contained at backlight level 3).

The Samsung is cheap and cheerful but only 1 scart and only 50 Hz. It has a SQ panel which I believe is one of the better Samsung ones but has a 'glossy' finish. I can get round the one scart issue but using composite for my DVD recorder which is used about once a week.

Is it just me but I don't see any diffrence between 50 and 100Hz either with Motionflow on or off?

The Sony seems to have a slightly sharper picture but have had that a couple of weeks more than the Samsung which may just be settling.

The sound is better on the Samsung. By all accounts and by reading reviews it should be the opposite way about!

I normally buy Sony but sometimes I wonder (especially recently) if I am getting value for money.

Anyway I know it will be upto me as to what I keep but any comments/advice would be appreciated.


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Hi - Keep with the samsung mate. If your happy with your needs! By the way - where did you get for 411?

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