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Samsung LE40A686 problem...


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I've recently purchased the 686...The picture is lovely and the 100hz makes the picture incredibly smooth. SD broadcasts dont look bad at all, I use it for my playstation and the picture is just awesome. However I do have one gripe. When I watched a Blueray movie the other day I noticed that the picture would ever so slightly flicker every now and again. When I say ever so slightly I mean that its not something that most people would notice. However, I do and its very annoying! I saw it once I couldn't stop seeing it!
I not really sure what could be causing this. Playstation? I borrowed an brand new Blueray player from my friend and got the same result. I did various tests to see if occured at the same point on the disc on BOTH players and it didn't. In fact I think the playstation was slightly worse. Incidently there are no issues with the SD picture which is delivered through a coax direct from the aeriel. I also watched a normal DVD through the Playstation but couldn't see it happening?? I'm not sure if its a problem with the TV or may be even some kind of power issue (power spike?)that is affecting the picture as my Amp, Sub, Playstation and TV are all plugged into a bog standard 4 way splitter running from one socket. As for the HDMI cable, it's a fairly expensive but not top of the range. Can some body please shed some light on this? Maybe give me some tips on how I would go about isolating the problem


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Hi Mate

I too have this TV, what setting do you use for Sky+?


Don't have Sky+ mate I only use the internal digital tuner...try the settings from the A656 thread, the two T.V's are pretty much identical if I'm not mistaken. Although I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!


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Was this flicker issue ever resolved?

I'm battling right now between a Samsung 656 and a Sony w4500 - the 656 has the edge because of s-video (I have an older home theatre I'm not upgrading anytime soon).

The occasional flicker and video-lagging threads give me the idea there're unresolved firmware problems. Hope its just an issue of a dead thread and not a dead receiver.


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