Samsung LE40A656 Turning Off By Itself. Touch Buttons to Blame?


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Within around 20 seconds of having a signal on the TV, it decides to either turn itself off, or change the channel up.

It's just like me pressing the touch buttons with my finger except I am 10 feet away on the opposite wall when it happens.

It's always either the power button or channel up, which makes me think that these are broken somehow as channel browse down is fine.

Has anyone else had problems with this and/ or knows a fix?


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When the 'no signal' is displayed, the TV stays on the same channel. It;s just as soon as I make anything display, be it my PS3, PC over HDMI etc. It just changes channel or turns off within 20 seconds.


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Unplug the white connector going to
the touch controll and see whats happend.
You could still use the remote
The part number is BN96-08120B

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