Samsung LE40 R7 Picture Quality


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Afternoon All

My brother purchased this TV as he moved house last week and wanted a decent TV

I tried steering him away from Samsung as I have heard terrible things about their LCD's , still he bought one anyway.

But he called saying he is getting a terrible picture. He only has his Sky box connected at the moment and said he was watching the Man U game last night and the picture seemed blurry and he could see the pixels on the screen.

Yet he turned over to E4 to watch some Gordon Ramsey programme and the picture was ok.

Any ideas on how he can improve the picture (cables e.t.c) or settings on the TV,

Or shall he just throw it back at Currys :)

Thanks in advance


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I watched the game last night on a Samsung N series 32 inch and the quality was superb - no motion blur or pixilating.

There are several threads already about the quality of the panels used for the R series Samsung - you may want to have a look at those.

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