SAMSUNG LE37R87BDX - sound help needed!


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My Tv (Samsung LE37R87BDX) is setup to a Virgin Media V+ Box.

I have noticed over the last week or so that when changing between channels the volume goes up and down depending on what you are watching

I have tried to adjust the settings, I ve tried using auto volume on and off but I still seem to get the problem. Channels Like ITV, SKY SPORTS and MTV seem to come across much louder than all BBC Channels without actually adjusting the volume itself. I am forever adjust the volume to make it "just right".

Ive also noticed some adverts are also very loud and are having me reach for my remote to turn them down, before having to turn it back up again so I can actually hear whats being said on the next advert.

What settings should I be using, is this a problem with my tv or is this how channels are broadcast?

what are the best sound settings for a LE37R87BDX

Any help would greatful!


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