Samsung LE37R31- Is it old or new model?



Hi all. I have decided to purhcase a flat panel and have been looking over the past few weeks. I am now totally confused. Ive been from LCD to plasma now im back with LCD. I currently have a 25 inch Sony CRT (with full dolby surround), Sony HX710 DVD Recorder and Sky Digital. I absolutely love films but I have been concerned that the analogue tuner pictures (wifes soaps) will be awful. How do I explain blowing £1500 on a TV that has a worse picture?! Anyways, thats the summary of where I am now. Screen size is my other issue. I dont have a huge lounge but I do want a large picture feel to my viewing experience. Wife wants me to purchase a 32 inch screen but I love the few 37 inch screens I have seen. Its a good compromise between 32 and 42 (the latter being far too big for my lounge). I originally started wanting the Samsung LE32R41B. Then moved to a Panasonic Viera Plasma. Then to the Panasonic Viera 32 inch LCD, Hitachi 32 inch LCD. Today I saw what would be in my view the perfect LCD for me. It was a Samsung LCD LE37R41. Those extra inches make all the difference! My problem is this. Before I saw it I didnt even know it existed. I can find no reviews and even Samsung dont list it as a current model on there website or in the latest catalogue. Can anyone help to shed any light on this? I want to know whether the dealer is offloading an older model onto me or is he correct in telling me its the latest model hot off the production line? Also, one further question relating to the Samsung range. What does the last few numbers indicate e.g. the difference between R41B and R51B? Is it a generation issue? Should I wait for the LE37R51? Thanks to anyone that answers. I have found a few of these advertised on the net at about £1300 which seems a great price. Unfortunately the dealer was £1650. I hate that, would love to buy from the dealer but cant really justify £350 cos he's a nice chap! Cant wait to hear your responses so hopefully I can go and spend my hard earned cash. Many thanks, Chris


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I've never heard of that model to be honest!

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