Samsung LE37C530 Pillaring?


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Hi all,

First post, just picked up one of these and the picture has been amazing so far - however - I've just started to notice that the left side of the screen is slightly lighter than the right (about the first 1/4 from top to bottom and fades the further inwards you get).

It's a bit like light bleed I guess, but I've also read it could be pillaring, can notice it when the picture switches to an all black/dark blank screen between programs.

Question is - is this "acceptable" for a £400 LCD, i realise that's quite low (well £379 to be exact) for a 37" LCD - and is swapping the panel (which overall has a great picture) going to risk more of the same/possibly worse?

I'm kinda picky, but now I've noticed it I always see it - shadows etc on the left aren't as dark as they are on the right and so on.

Advice appreciated!


PS: Is it normal to not to get the full width of the image from Sky HD when putting the screen into 16:9 mode (I lose about half an inch or so unless I put it into Screen Fit - maybe I'm missing something, but that didn't seem to make sense lol)
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anye? think i'm going to return it today, even if it is a lower end panel now (was higher end at release) it shouldn't suffer from this :(

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