Samsung LE37B650 Problem - Please Help!


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Today I bought this TV and most things about it are great, however I am so far having a couple of problems with audio and one with the freeview.

1. The TV is connected to my Surround Sound system via and aux lead (white/red connectors on each end) which is a Panasonic SA-HT530. I've had that sound system for quite a few years now and never had any problems with it. The problem here though is sound delay. I can clearly notice that the audio from the surround sound is out of sync with the TV which is a pain as I can't seem to find any audio delay function on either the telly or the surround sound. Don't really know what to do with it, has anyone else had this problem?

2. I also have the TV connected up to the Xbox 360 via HDMI. Sound comes through the TV fine for that, but no sound is coming through the surround sound system. I would have thought that the sound going into the TV through the HDMI cable could be sent out of the TV through the aux lead? I could buy an audio adapter for the Xbox to connect it straight to the surround sound so this isn't as much of a problem as the first thing but still a pain as it means forking out even more cash after just spending £700 on a telly!

3. The freeview works fine, however the guide is like an hour ahead or something. If a program is just starting the guide will say it started an hour ago. For example, Batman started at 9 o clock tonight on E4 but the guide says it's already been on for an hour. Very strange!

Anywho, hope somebody can help and thanks if you can!


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