Samsung LE32R88BDX - has my telly had it?!




I've noticed more recently, that when watching my Samsung R88 that the picture seems to flicker sometimes. Its most noticable on the "Channel 4" logo's, where the "4" logo is over the top of a picture of the program. Its kind of hard to explain really, which is why I'm hoping someone has an idea of what I mean!

It doesnt seem to be confined to DTV, dvd's it seems the same too.

But now (in the last month or two), when playing on my Xbox360 (Elite through a HDMI cable), the screen occasionally goes completely blank for a few seconds, then the picture returns. And i think its even happened once or twice watching a DVD (once it completely stopped, blank screen, and had to turn it all off and on again). DVD player is a Samsung X-30 HT (I think, off the top of my head... upscaling dvd player/home theatre 5.1 thingy).

Is this just me setting a setting wrong? or is it something more serious? I'm luckily covered by Curry's "Whatever happens" warrenty/insurance thing, so should I just ring them up and get a new one?!

Any help would be much appreciated! (Feel free to shift this post if I've put it in the wrong place!) I've tried looking through the R86/87/88 owners thread, but it is over 6300 posts long!




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Try turning Movie Plus off, I've found at work it generally causes more problems than it solves, like flickering logos and fine detail.

The screen going blank could be a faulty HDMI cable, do you have any others to hand? If not it could be something more serious. No harm in calling out WhateverHappens, theres no charges if they dont find a fault.


Cheers for that Lewis. I turned it off & also I found the recommended settings post from the forum and it seems to have cleared it up. Plus it looks an awful lot better because of it!

I rang the WhatEverHappens people, and it was suggested I try the HDMI port on the side of the TV (HDMI 3), as it runs off a different board to the one on the back (or something). It ran fine for a week or so, so switched it back to HDMI 2. Within a couple of minutes it happened again.

I've rang them back, and an engineer is coming out on tuesday. I'll let you know the outcome!


I've had the main board replaced under warrenty this morning, and I've not had a problem with it since.

Bit of a pain, had to setup everything else again! But atleast it works!

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