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I got myself a 32" SAMSUNG LE32R88BD today, get it home set it up and i notice red dots from top to bottom in a line on 1 side of the screen, they are not dead pixels as they flikker, also i notice play back from dvds or files on xbox and ps3 are jerky i fixed that a little bit by turning off edge enhancment but its still there.

Here is the odd bit i turn the tv off and back on and all is fine........ then if i leave it off for a few hours it happens again it seems like it need to warm up. now i dont want to leave it as that then in a few months it gets really bad. any 1 got any ideas.

Thnx Will


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Just wondering if its settings or its faulty. its going back tomorrow if i cant fix it. just they are sold out everyware dont wana have to wait 2+ weeks for a new 1.

I find it hard to work out why films and stuff is jerky.


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kk im now getting flashing blue dots when watching a dvd with my ps3, seems to only go jerky when i try to play HD stuff e.g video clips and dvds.


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Hey there, I've had this issue with my LE32R73BD (or I think it's the same issue) but it goes away and comes back now and again. :(
I'm going to upload a video of my problem to YT. Maybe it's a fault somewhere in the panels?

edit: My issue.

(Notice how the sound also kept dropping out aswell.)


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the dots are the same as mine but mine arnt as bad (yet) and so far only the img goes jerky not the sound, i think i will return it today, looks like the problem only get worse. thnx
The fact that it gets worse when it heats up definitely points a thermal fault with one of the circuit boards inside, definitely get the TV changed for another one.



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You may not need return immediately. I had exactly same problem with my Sammy le32r51bdx. Following some advice on here about electrical interference I took time to tidy up cables at back from DVDR, DVD, Sky HDbox, video sender etc making sure to keep all mains cables away from connection leads and make sure all leads connected firmly. Never had problem since. Worth a try before you package back up.

ps do a search on here for "sparklies" and you might get some further help/advice

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