Samsung LE32r88 Easy question


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Hi iv got some sort of problem with my lcd but I had a look around the hidden menu thing when I first got it. Does this void the warranty even if nothing was changed?



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On the previous le32r model it was

turn the tv onto standby
then turn it back on

Might or might not work, worth a try


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Sorry my question was. I'v been into the menu and was wondering if it voided the warranty as I need to send it off for repairs.


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You dont say what the problem is that caused you to view the service menu ?

I dont think that just viewing that menu is going to void your warranty at all.If it has to go back,I wouldnt mention it.


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Well the left side of my LCD is brighter than the right. So don't think its a problem that can be solved unless sent off for repairs.

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