Samsung LE32R87BDX problem, please help


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Got the Samsung LE32R87BDX yesterday, it is very nice and successfully connect my pc to it. But later on I found that this TV can only be on the Stand-by mode, to turn it off I need unplug the power cable. So I leave it in standby and went to bed. But in middle of the night, the tv turned it self on!
It happened twice yesterday, is there anyone seen this problem before? Or there is some kind of ghost here:devil:

thanks for anyone trying to help


Your tv is on the shop mode!!!


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Mine has also turned itself on 3 times so far in the 3 days I've had it. Mine is definitely not in shop mode.


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Ok I have had the tv for about 4 months now and have not had this problem. I did though have a problem with the red standby led when I turned the tv on. It would stay on when its suppose to flash and then go off while the tv is on.

Then I figured out it was due to the automatic freeview firmware upgrade. I went to DTV settings and put the auto standby update to off. Since then I have had no standby light problems.

Maybe you should try and put this setting to off and see if the TV starts up by itself.

This would only apply if u have connected your tv to an aerial socket to pick up freeview.

If u dont use DTV at all then im not sure why the TV would turn itself on other than a Poltergiest somewhere lol.


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Is it still doing it? Mine has been ok for the past couple of days. Do you have any of the internal timers set?


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I've heard of a similar issue with Dell TVs when connected to a Sky box. The set would auto switch-on if the Sky box received an overnight update.

Try unplugging your Sky box and replicating the fault.


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Well I don't have a Sky box so not sure what is doing it, I have a DVD player connected via HDMI but that's it.

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