Samsung LE32R87BDX - can it replace my pc monitor?


Dear all :hiya:

Been messing around with budget (~£300) panels for a while and find them unsatisfactory for using as a PC display. Usually they'll map 1:1 over hdmi-dvi cable; but will be juddery / shaky.

Can anyone comment on using the Samsung LE32R87BDX as a PC monitor? It particularly the performance for games and watching videos; and if it maps 1:1 ?

Thanks in advance :smashin:


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It works great !


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You're not going to get the colour replication like a PC monitor, thats the first thing you'll notice, Colour banding. Its native resolution is lower than most PC Monitors, which means your desktop cant be bigger than 1366x768 without appearing distorted if you make it another size.

I wouldn't personally use it as final solution just for a PC monitor alone.


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If your gunna be using it for games and video and sitting at a distance then yes itll work just fine and look great. Even web browzing from a distance will be fine but i wouldnt reccommend using it for word proccessing.

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