Samsung LE32R74BDX Distorted Sound


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I have had this TV approx 3.5 years now. When volume set above 20-25, speakers buzz and if anyone speaks/sings or music is bass heavy sound is distorted to the point that i will quite often change channel.
Also in the centre of the screen, there is typically a shadow around the size of a human face. This is very off-putting especially during sports events and movies.
I get significant screen burn when using the Sky TV guide (or anything static on screen for that matter).
I am about to upgrade to Sky+ HD - I have heard rumours that this model doesnt work with Sky+ HD?

Can anyone advise if these are common faults with this set, when first instances of these faults were reported, and any possible solutions or remedies?

Should a TV not be fit for purpose for 6 years from the date of purchase according to the sale of goods act?
Would the distorted sound and screen burn issue be considered significant enough to warrant the TV not fit for purpose? Thanks.


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I have this tv - It works fine with sky hd. Im not sure what your sound issue is as i pass mine to an amp. Im suprised you have screen burn as this model is lcd. Your right the sales of goods act is 6 years though considering you have had the tv for a reasonable period imho thats a lot of hassle considering the value of the tv now. However, check out links and maybe someone else can help you with technical issues.
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