Samsung LE32R74BDX colour problem



Just bought the above LCD TV. Very happy until the colour went really weird.

What we see is a band of distorted colour down the middle which appears greeny-blue, with the edges looking reddish-purple. This occurs when:

The DVD and VCR are played, both through a scart switch, or the NTL scart signal is played without the RGB button on the scart switch pressed in.

If I use the AV side panel composite for the DVD player it occurs intermittently.

Only the TV signal behaves.
Oddly, everything is fine during the first 30 minutes.

Any ideas?


Why would you ever have both the DVD and the VCR turned on at the same time?

Anyways, try connecting the DVD directly to the LCD, using a good quality scart cable (leaving the scart switch and the vcr disconnected). If the problem persists, call samsung support - It should not happen.


thanks for the prompt reply.

further trials of the inputs: AV = all distorted, AV scart = all distorted, RGB scart = only STB working through scart switch with RGB selected.

helpline in the morning, and if no joy in 30 minutes it's going back to John Lewis.

Beautiful picture on the Hogfather, even at SD, which makes it even more sickening.


Yup, fried box. Rang the helpline, got through in less than a minute, ran through symptoms. Agent agreed it was a non-repairable fault.

Took it back to John Lewis, got a refund and bought the same model from Currys for £4 more with a free DVD/VCR combo. They were offering free Sky+ boxes, but being on NTL I insisted on something else.

Second episode of Hogfather perfect.

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