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Hello this is my first post on this forum because I am in dire need of help
I have a Samsung LE32R7BD and when purchased second hand the volume on the freeview didnt work at all it was just silent, scanned the settings where I could find nothing at all so found my way into the service menu and still no joy. Tried external freeview and worked fine but picture was a bit shady with shadows etc and the colours were not great so decided to have a fiddle around (I now know that was a BIG mistake) I have made it all a thousand times worse!! OMG if only I knew how much of a pain this would be. I have searched high and low for a default listing for the settings and cannot find anything on the net anywhere.
Can anyone please help? I would be eternally gratefull
I have issues with the red and green on the screen and serious ghost shadowing when on a black background, also a light red vertical line on the left side of the screen (approx 1cm thick)

I have typed out all the settings and if anyone knowledgable could just have a look and see if anything in there is massivley out it would be very helpfull. or if anyone has this tv they could let me use there settings to sort this out

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to take some time to look at this.
(I know i should take it in for repairs but i think the price of fixing is worth more than the tv)

Samsung le32r74bd

1, Calibration
AV Calibration Success
Comp Calibration Failure
PC Calibration Success
HDMI Calibration Success
2, Option Table 0000H 0340H 0205H AA40H
Inch option 32
Gamma AUO
Panel option SPVA_120
2hdmi off
brt sensor off
energy save on
FRC(micronas) off
FRC2X off
LNA on
carrier mute off
language english
auto fm on
high deviation off
ttx on
ttx list Fbf
acr off
dynamic ce off
dynamic dimming off
tuner top 8
ttx group auto
auto power on
magazine lna off
volmode small
shop mode off
debug off
ch. table sesk
dvtv_cntry uk
dynamic contrast off
3, white balance
sub brightness 170
r-offset 040
g-offset 075
b-offset 178
sub contrast 159
r-gain 100
g-gain 125
b-gain 120
4, svp-px
comb filter - y-filter 80h
sharpness: h2gain 00h, h4gain 00h, v2gain 00h, v4gain 00h, sr2gain 00h, sr4gain 00h,sl2gain 00h, sl4gain 00h, peakth1 03h, peakth2 33h,peakth3 45h
nr: y_nr_off 80h, c_nr_off 80h, y_nr_on 80h, c_nr_on 80h
RGB calibration: R-offset 3ah, g-offset 3ah, b-offset 3ah, R-gain 30h, G-gain 30h, b-gain 30h
ADC Calibration: tcd3 contrast 50h, tcd3 brightness 80h, tcd3 cr 51h, tcd3 cb 58h, tcd3 delay 00h, analog y offset 40h, analog pb offset 80h
analog pr offset 80h, analog y gain 47h, analog pb gain 47h, analog pr gain 47h, black level 47h, svp brightness 80h
calibration taget
av adc eeh(low) d5h(high) 04h(delta)
comp adc 15h(low) ebh(high) 04h(delta)
pc adc eeh(low) dsh(high) 04h(delta)
all rgb o5h(low) ddh(high) 08h(delta)
Color management
skin direction yellowish
skin enhance 15h
green stretch 15h
blue stretch 15h
5, option block
outocon 0, gamma 0, occ_mode 0, fallback 0, dbg mark 0, spr_cbr 0, bit expand 0, inv bit expand 0, repeat mode 0, demo on off 0
mmu rd start 00h, me rd start 00h, mc rd start 00h, cmzl(0x36e) 0h, blobl(0x2a7) 0h,
Test pattern 000, black tilt 000,blackgain max 000, lower func 000, upper func 000,skin en 000,skin t x 000, skin ty 000 color gain 000
6: stv8257/sta323w
ch1 volume 25h
ch2 volume 9fh
agc gain 96h
av prescale 35h
av delay 41h
comp delay 41h
hdmi delay 41h
pc delay 41h
l1 att/rel thres 7fh
-in yellow on screen
T-BRDMPEUD-1013 boot merge:eek:k
7, yc delay
rf-pal-b/g aah
rf-pal-d/k 99h
rf-pal-i 9ah
rf secam-d/k 44h
rf secam-l/l' 88h
rf ntsc 3.58 66h
rf nstc 4.43 cch
av pal aah
av secam 88h
av ntc 3.58 c2h
av ntc 4.43 ach
av pal60 78h
8, adjust
video mute time 10
melody volume 9
ana dimm max 05h
lna plus: rfdb-1 level 72, rfdb-2 level 73, rfdb-3 level 67, rfdb-4 level 43
hotel option: hotel mode off, power on channel 1, power on volume 37, max volume 100, local key lock off, power on source ext 2
9, i2c check (the screen flickers a little)
10. W/B Movie
wb movie on
color mode movie
w1 r gain 131
w1 b gain 110
w1 r offset 119
w1 b offset 121
w2 r gain 110
w2 b gain 113
w2 r offset 138
w2 b offset 139
movie contrast 90
movie brightness 66
movie color 50
movie sharpness 10
movie colortone warm2
11, checksum
12, reset
13 spread spectrum
spectrum on
delta +3
positive 10
negative 4

The normal non service menu settings are
movie, contrast 90, brightness 66,sharpness 10,colour 50,colourtone warm2

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