Samsung LE32R74BD not displaying HD signals


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I have a weird problem with my Samsung LCD TV - it has decided that it won't display any HD signals through HDMI any more.

I have it hooked up via an HDMI switch to a V+ box, Samsung Blu-ray player and Philips DVD/Divx player.

It will display the guide and menus from the V+ plus but no video. I can also get audio from this source.

The DVD/Divx player will load a DVD and I can see the menu but as soon as I start playing the disc, I get a message saying "display connected - non hdcp compliant". If I play Divx content from the USB port on it, I don't have any problems.

The Samsung Blu-ray player will load the disc and what I guess is called the boot screen displays but then the screen just goes blank.

I have unplugged everything, switched about cables, plugged each source in directly to the TV, change the output resolution on the V+ box and DVD players and done a reset to factory settings. I'm now totally stumped.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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and you have tried all the available hdmi inputs on the tv?
"without" the hdmi switch?
try connecting it without the switch,and see if there is a difference.

if you really have tried everything,including all settings,removing the hdmi switch,and changing inputs/cables etc,then they only other thing to do is phone either the retailer,or samsung,and have someone look at it.


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The set only has one HDMI port so I've tried removing the switch, plugging each source in directly and using different cables. Still the same problems. It's out of warranty so I want to make sure I have done everything I can before replacing it.


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the hdmi socket then,might have "gone bad",and therefore is faulty.
its not that hard to do,the pins are very thin,and really it can be damaged quite easily.
i would phone samsung,and see what they say..

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