Samsung LE32R74BD Freeview tuning issue


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Hi, I just bought this Sammy for my parents and upon switching it on I got the Auto setup screen which I canceled out of as I didn't have it connected to an aerial at the time.

Now I have it connected to an aerial I have a problem. The setup screen doesn't appear, I checked the manual and according to that you can access this by choosing Plug & Play from the config screen in the menu. The problem is it is greyed out and not selectable.

We are getting a No Signal message on the screen when selecting DTV.

To me this would indicate a problem with the aerial but the old analogue TV works fine connected with the same lead.

An suggestions?

Is there a way to reset the TV so we get the auto setup screen?


jonny round boy

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Have you tried the old 'switch it off & then back on again'? :D

Should bring the set-up screen back...


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Try using the 'add more channels' option or something like that.


I had this on my Samsung LE26R73BDX & I seemed to recall that I had to tune the Freeview tuner in first by scanning for available channels from the DTV menu. If you then went back to the Plug & Play menu icon it was enabled to be set up again for auto setup .


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all i can say is it's all in the manual - if you look carefully....

don't mistake the analogue options for the DTV ones....


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I reset the TV in the end using the service menu, found how this in another thread which also mentioned changing the RGB settings in here as red is set very high.

Thanks guys :clap:


Hi! Had exactly this problem yesterday and NO the manual doesn't give an answer, not without first stating something that is blatantly incorrect anyway.

We cancelled the plug and play set up as I suddenly realised that the freeview HDD recorder box I was using with the TV had not been set to supply power to the indoor aerial I was using. After setting the box up I checked the manual and it quite clearly says that to re-run plug and play simply select it from the set-up menu but, as mentioned, the option is greyed out! Why??? Does anyone have an answer other than "look in the manual"???

Anyway, the only way I could find to get round it (and YES, I tried turning the TV off and on...) was to switch to DTV then press the D.MENU button and select RESET. This reset all DTV settings and retuned for digital channels.

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