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Just got a new Samsung LE32R72 and when playing my sky plus recordings sometimes the screen will turn black for about half a second and sound is lost then back to normal. This seems to happen at random. I managed to pause the sky plus whilst it was changing and then put my scart into a portable TV and no flickering occured which narrows down the problem to my TV.

I have tried changing settings on both the TV and sky plus box but no joy.

The Sky plus box is connected to the rgb1 scart socket on my TV. I have tried the second scart socket and the same problem occurs.

Very very rarely this problem occurs for a few seconds when first switching channels on sky.

Thanks for any replies.


got exact same problem, turned off dynamic dimming and it got bettr but still happens


Purchased from Empire direct.

I too have turned the dimming off and still happens on both new and old recordings (samsung fella said messing with those types of settings might invalidate the warranty :nono: .)

Spoke to Samsung and they said as everything else connected is fine there might be a conflict with stuff on the sky hard drive and the TV.

Another forum suggests Have you tried using the composite output/s-video and RF output of the SKY+ which may narrow down the problem to one connection method on the SKY+ or the TV. (do I need to buy extra leads for this ?)

I suppose a sky HD box could be one option :rotfl:


I've got TV Samsung LE32R72B three days ago. I have the same problem sometimes. I sow tennis from EUROSPORT and when camera went back to the studio I got that problem. And any time when I got picture from that camera in the studio I got the same problem. I think that problem is with tunner in the TV.
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HI we have a Samsung plasma screen (PS42e7HD) with exactly the same problem, the tv has been back for repairs twice in the four months we've had it for various other faults. Samsung say it's Sky+, Sky say it's the tv! It happens most on BBC, C/E 4 and Living, never on Movies or Sports. Whilst tv was away we used an old 21" crt with no problems at all.
Have tried new SCART lead (profigold oxypure), different sockets, changing picture settings, RGB and Pal all to no avail.
Curently have a Thomson Sky + box but planning on asking for an Amstrad to see if that makes any difference.
ANybody have any other suggestions?????? It's driving me mad!


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I have the Samsung LE32R72B and I purchased sky plus about 3 or 4 months ago, the first sky box I had did the very same thing as what you say, it flicked the picture off and the sound with it then it came back again almost instantly. This became very annoying so I spoke to sky and they immediately sent an Engineer out and replaced it. With the new sky box in the problem had dissappeared, although another problem started to occur, the sky plus box would switch itself off occasionally. I'm now on my third box and this one seems perfect (touch wood!!). I think the problem is more likely to be the sky box than the TV!!!


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