Samsung LE32R51BD - flashing?


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I've had the LE32R51BD for a couple of months now, but have started to notice sporadic bright colour flashes horizontally across the screen. It's as if rows of pixels flashes red, green or blue, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when they appear.

It's not the 'blocky' effect you get when freeview signal is poor, nor is it the 'tearing' reported(in depth) on other threads.

Has anybody else experinced this, any suggestions as to the cause or a fix?

It only happens when watching DTV, not when connected to DVD or PS2.


Curry's inform me that all LE32R51BDs were recalled over Christmas because of a fault.

I currently have a LE32R41BD (model#, code LE32R41BDX/XEU) that is exhibiting a similar problem. This is the 2nd set of this model I have experienced the problem with in 1 month. I will be returning the set.

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