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Samsung le32r51b or Sony s32a10e

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by kattan, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. kattan

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    Sep 20, 2005
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    Hi There,

    I am going to buy a new LCD-TV and I am wondering who of this two to adquire. Here where I live ( Spain ), they cost around 1400€ each. I've been looking and reading about both of them... and I have to say that I am really annoyed because I don't really know what to choose. I know that the samsung may have some kind of issue in certain modes and that the "S" series of Sony lacks Wega Engine, but I can't afford to go over 1400€. So this two are my best choices. I had the oportunity to see the Samsung in action and I think it was good. In the other hand, I haven't seen the S32a10 in action, but people has told me it is good as well, even a little better image than the Samsung perhaps.

    Could anyone of you advice me in who of this is the best choice ?? The main purpose is to connect the LCD to an HTPC.

    Thx in advance, an sorry for my poor english!!

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