Samsung LE32R41BDX Questions


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Hi all, i'm looking to buy a new HDTV and have been looking at this one.

I checked the Samsung website and cant find anywhere where it states what the Response Time is. I also rang the Samsung Customer Care line and they told me to check so i did:
this states that the response time is 16ms, can anyone confirm that this is correct and if this would be OK for the Xbox360, coz ive heard that 12 or 8ms would be better as no ghosting.

thanks all

(ps if people would like to post pics of theres, that would be great, i think its a lovely looking TV)


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Theres an argument going on in another thread about this. The European Samsung site is quoting it as 8ms. The panels are all made at the same facility in Europe.Thats what mine had on it as a sticker when new. Thats what it was sold as. So as far as I am concerned its 8ms.
Watching football is no problem on mine. No motion blurring.
I know that 16ms is quoted on the digiuk website but, they are way way off. :rolleyes:
I think the American panels may have been 12ms.

Doctor Hades

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I've seen a promotional leaflet for the LE-xxR41B models from Samsung themselves and it clearly states that the TV has a 12ms response time. I believe someone posted the link to it in the original and very HUGE Samsung LE-32R41B thread so if you can be bothered to look you can see for yourself.

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