Samsung LE32R41BDX - pip?



can you actually watch 1 channel and have another showing in the corner on this set - had a demo of it in comet today and it worked fine but that was with the hdtv set up but apparently you can only have a computer programme etc showing according to some posts i have read or will hdtv make a change when it arrives

You can only use the HDMI or PC inputs whilst using PiP. Even then there are specific rules on what can be displayed (not the builtin digital tuner for example)
See here for more info (p34):
Sammy manual
thanks for the manny am just printing it out - am a complete novice on this topic but yesterday in comet i was shown the picture in picture function on this set - was the programme showing the hdtv content actually a dvd and that is why he could get the bbc1 to appear in the corner - are you saying that there is no way of displaying 2 tv channels either now or in the future on this set - someone posted yesterday about full pip and the lg 32 was mentioned - I imagine you need a twin tuner for full pip - does the lg have this function.
Yip, for the PiP to show an HD feed with a tv feed in the corner, the HD feed must have been coming from a PC connected via vga or a dvd player/pc connected via hdmi.
The Dx version technically has 2 tuners, one digital and one analogue. However PiP doesn't support the digital one at all!

Sorry don't know anything about the lg model.
From the manual:

Whoops! Just noticed ceescd1 already posted it. Apologies.

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