samsung le32r41bdx - how many audio inputs/outputs?


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thinking of getting one of these sammys for use with xbox360 and dvd (pioneer 575).

way to hook it up seems to be vga for the xbox360 and component for the dvd,
rgb scart will be a spare if i ever want to hook a vcr.

are there 2 pairs of audio inputs (for the component and vga)?
and is there a line level audio output to loop sound through to a home cinema amp in the future?

thanks, maybe this is a silly question but i couldn't find a full spec in my googling.


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actually found the manual on the samsung website, its a big download though
if i find the answer soon i'll post here


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the answer is:

audio ins:
one for dvi/hdmi (twin phono)
one for pc/vga (looks like 3.5mm jack)
one for component video
one for composite/s-video
one on each scart (i presume).

audio outs:
one twin phono (for a/v amp)
one headphone socket
builtin speakers

so should be fine, might have to get a twin phono - 3.5mm adapter but i am sure these are available for a few pounds in richer sounds/maplin

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