Samsung le32r41bd vertical boarders while gaming


Jake Bullet

Hello, this is my first post!

I have recently purchased the Samsung le32r41bd lcd tv and when I play my game consoles on it there are vertical black borders to the left and right of the screen, even when the aspect ratio is set to wide. This seems to happen on all consoles and games whether PAL or NTSC (I've tried my xbox, PS2 and GameCube). This does not occur on any other sources I've tried (DVD, VCR, etc.)

I have never seen this on other TV's, does anybody know why this occurs? Also is there a way to stretch the picture so it fills the screen?

Stephen Neal

Well-known Member
Could it be the Samsung doesn't emulate overscanning - so shows you the full video signal, and the consoles output a signal designed to be displayed on an overscanned CRT - so don't put detail all the way to the edges of the signal?

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