Samsung LE32R41B picture settings Help!!!


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Having trouble getting good picture on this tv.Have sky+ setup through rgb scart have changed the sky+ setup to rgb signal,but to me the colours just don't look right and i expected a sharper picture than i have atm.
Don't know if it's because i'm comparing against my old 32" panny but picture quality doesn't look as good as the old crt 32".

Anybody have any settings for the tv to get a better picture\colour balance.




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If this were beauty and the beast the beauty would be the LCD and the beast would be Sky. I have heard that people have had issues with the RGB pictures which have been addressed with an update of the firmware that can be obtained directly from Samsung but if your picture does not THAT bad then it is just down to the LCD scaling down that pretty crappy Sky picture. DO NOT compare Sky through your CRT 32 inch with an LCD as there will only be one winner! So convince yourself that you bought your LCD for Sky HD and sit back and relax and wait as your picture will improve overtime as your TV is fully HD compliant. In the mean time try feeding it a DVD player that has an hdmi connection, you should get better results.


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I'm very interested in the firmware update to improve RGB sources - is there any truth in this ? .....I though the update was simply to address the very rare tareing issue.

Anyone else heard about the RGB firmware update ?

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