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Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by SaTTaN, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I've had my LE32R41B (no Freeview) for a couple of weeks now (Argos, next day delivery... not the cheapest but had an easy option to send it back if I wasn't happy - and they delivered it less than 24 hours after I ordered the set!

    I've done a fair bit of tweaking to get the best picture from my Sky+ box.. and thought it would be a good idea to setup a split thread that refers JUST to the optimal settings for each source - if people post their settings we can try them out and come up with a summary of the best settings for people to try.

    Quality will vary with Sky depending on the channel - and Sky seem to vary the quality drastically - compare Channel 5 home & away with say anything on men & motors ! - totally different, also cable quality/type too - so if you post be sure to post your connection type

    Please keep this thread on-topic and don't let it become a 200 page monster ;)

    I'm currently watching everything in 'movie' mode (but settings could be copied to any other mode - I'm just lazy whilst I'm adjusting)

    Standard Sky+ Box
    Sky+ Box set to RGB mode
    connected to LCD AV1 (RGB)
    Using a decent-ish fully wired SCART cable (cost approx £40 5 years ago)

    Movie Mode
    Contrast: 80
    Brightness: 55
    Sharpness: 85
    Colour : 50
    Tint <disabled?>
    Colour Tone: Warm2
    Size: Auto-Wide
    Digital NR : Off (seems to be mainly aimed at crappy RF sources)
    DNIe Demo: Off
    My Colour Control
    Easy Control : Standard
    Detail Control : Pink/Green/Blue all 50
    Dynamic Contrast : Off
    Brightness Sensor : Off

    All the Sky+ menus seem pretty sharp, no shimmering

    Viewing from about 7' at head-height. (currently in a lamp-lit room but is pretty much the same during the day time.

    This seems to work ok for all sources and I'm very happy with the picture quality, I'm going to try some more tweaking, and I should be taking delivery of a SCART-Component cable sometime this week (from this guy on ebay

    One thing I do notice at this brightness level is that the right 1/3rd of the screen seems a shade or 2 darker - there is a clear line where it starts - not sure if this is a 'feature' of LCD's (like the line in CRT's) or a fault?

    Feel free to contribute your settings....

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