Samsung LE32R41 with Logitech Z-5500


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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a mini cinema in my TV room via these speakers. The logitech system has an Optical input but i dont think my TV has??

Is there anyway I can connect the two?




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If the tv has red/white audio out sockets then you could use these but it wouldn't be proper dolby digital, the z5500 would have to process the signal to achieve 5.1 sound.

If you only want home cinema for DVD's/Games then just use the optical/coax from the dvd player or console.

I think you'll need some sort of adaptor to connect the red/white leads into the z5500 pc input socket.


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what about L32BA ? much cheaper..... into the back of the z5500 control.

sorry...dont know how to post links yet (type l32ba in the search on maplin website)


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That's kind of what i'm after.

My next question is,

As that lead will only be going into the the green port, will the sound still be in 5.1?

This is the back of the Logitech.



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ohayo said:
NO..u must be use the coax or optical.


I'm really sorry about this. I'm not very clued up on these kind of things.

Does anyone know what cable i would need? My screen doesnt have optical out, so i'd need either a phono to optical (dont think you can get) or phono to coax.

If anyone could provide me with a link that would be wonderful!

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