Samsung LE32M87BDX or Panny TX32LXD70

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OK, I am wanting a 32" TV for my bedroom, it will have a 360 hooked upto it and won't be used for many HD films or things like that, so just gaming really. What I want to know is which one I buy? The panasonic TX32LXD70 or the Samsung LE32M86BDX??

In addition to this I want the cheapest price (obviously) and I was wondering are any places having a sale or have great savings via quidco? The cheapest I can get these TV's is JUST under £600, I was wondering if you guys have any idea on where to get them cheaper??

Thank you.


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LE32R86 with x360 connected via VGA and game mode on is very good for gaming. It will have better response time than the pana.
Via component pana will be better 'cause 100hz will give you crisper graphism...
If it's only for gaming elect the samsung via vga. A lot cheaper.
If you want a better tv (sports, sd, freeviews) pana will be better

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the R86? You mean the M86? That's the one I was looking at. It will be used for casual SD but not that much, just if I can't be arsed to go down to watch TV really :)

Any other views? I'm pushing toward the M86/7 (dunno which it is as the samsung site says the 32m87's model number is LE32M86BD...)

And prices? Where is the cheapest with the use of codes???



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YOU asked between R88 and pana....
I have the le32m86 and for xbox 360 is perfect (for me).


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like i said, via vga, FPS are perfect. No perceptible lag. Even halo 2 is good via vga.

Via component, graphism are a little crisper, but the game it's a little less responsive...

I play halo1 and halo 2 since years and i can tell you that Le32M86 is very good for fps. Even on xbox 1, with game mode, halo 2 is very good.

For all others game is perfect too (burnout revenge, lost planet etc...).

a recap :
- for gaming = x360 via 360 and game mode = perfect
- for dvd = x360 via component (100hz is better here than the x360 upscale via vga for me)

Then to don't switch between vga and component, i look dvd via a dvd-reader on 480p and movie are better than theater.

For me you can't go wrong with this set

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OK cool :) Looks like I will be buying the M86 then :)

Next question, where is the cheapest?? Currys was roughly £500 I think

(sorry for all the Q's)

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AW20TVS - £20 off when you spend over £300
AW35TVS - £35 off when you spend over £450
AW50TVS - £50 off when you spend over £600
AW70TVS - £70 off when you spend over £800
AW100TV - £100 off when you spend over £1000
AW120TV - £120 off when you spend over £1200

And £396!!!??? That's crazy! I might invest in one of those and save me a few quid :)


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I would like to know which one of these you guys would recomend, im torn between the two.


the panasonic much ebtter tv when comparing them side by side. the samsung colours are too deep the blacks are deep the reds are deep skin colour doesnt look right, too redish

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