Samsung LE32M51B Milano 1 32" LCD TV




I'm new here and was just wondering if anybody has any idea when the new Samsung LE32M51B will start hitting the shelves? and more importantly how long will I have to wait for a review of it?

I have seen it on but can't find any other reference to it on the web. Samsungs own website doesn't even mention it.

Does anybody here have it? What do all of you think about it?

I really can't decide whether it's worth the wait, or whether to just go out and buy the Panasonic TX32LXD500.

Thinking about it, does anybody know if the Samsung has a Freeview tuner? doesn't seem to list one on the spec.




One thing that keeps going round in my head is that Samsung are the official partner brand for Xbox 360.

I know gaming won't be a big part of my usage, but I can't decide whether I think this means that Microsoft thought the Samsung screens were best to show off the Xbox 360, or whether Samsung thought the XBox 360 was a good way to advertise their screens, as surely it's one of the only HDMI sources about at the moment?

Any thoughts?


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xbox360 isnt HDMI!!! its componenet and still looks the nuts.
I think you'll find microsoft and samsung struck up some sort of financial deal which was beneficial to both parties, samsung get free advertising and microsoft get a lot of discounted displays for the demo pods. Everyones a winner.

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