Samsung LE32A656 Sound Problem


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I seem to have a problem with the sound on my new Samsung LE32A656 TV

Mrs Kar usually turns it on first in the evening and has complained about a crackling and hissing for a couple of minutes not long after it has been switched on. It goes after a short while. On one occasion she was recording the prog on the HDD PVR but the replay through the RGB scart was perfect. I thought it may have been the scart but have checked they are all securely plugged in.

I had Sky installed last weekend and the same thing happened off the SKY box when the engineer first set it up with a new scart again into the RGB. He thought it might be the box and reset it and all was fine. Thinking back, it happened though just after the TV had been switched on so maybe it was the TV and nothing to do with the box.

I'm trying to find the cause of the problem by a method of elimination but it only seems to briefly happen not long after switcing on.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? I suspect it's a fault on the TV.
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Samsung confirmed a fault and I returned the TV. Mrs KAR and I agree that the sound quality, even without the fault, was thin and weedy as some reviews had indicated. "You should have listened to it in the shop and took note of the reviews..." she now says! :lesson::boring:

I think I am going to get the Panasonic TX-32LZD85 instead as I have read that the PQ is great even on SD and the sound quality is pretty good.

I'd love the Philips 32PHL9603 as I've read the PQ even on SD and the sound (it has 2 sub woofers) is superb.

I'd considered the SONY 32W4000 but most reviews suggest the SD lets it down badly.

Any views please as there is a gaping hole at home where the faulty Samsung once was?

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