Samsung LE32A559P4FXXU - worth buying?


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I've been on the lookout for a moderately priced 32" 1080p HDTV for a while now, and the above model has taken my fancy.
I saw it here, and the specs appear to be quite good. The only problem is besides the two line review on that page, I haven't been able to find anything else on the product :(

What I want it for primarily is playing the PS3, as I've noticed the difference between 1080p and 720p can be quite large at times, and watching the occasional Blu-Ray movie too. I know some people say that you shouldn't bother with 1080p except for 37" or upwards, but I'm used to a large resolution on a small screen. I'm using a 1440x900 resolution on my laptop right now!
The thing is, I still only have an ordinary analogue TV signal. Standard terrestrial stations through an aeriel. Will a TV of this resolution make them look awful? Well, much worse than they already are :p At the moment I'm using an old SD widescreen TV, a Philips one. I see that the TV has an inbuilt digital tuner however, does that mean I'll get digital freeview stations without any extra equipment?
Or if you think I should go with a different brand/model please make suggestions. I will say that it has to be 32" though, I sit about 3 feet from the screen and don't have room for anything bigger at the moment!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Dragonov,

Dub here, I probably goin to order that model this afternoon , I had been considering a LG 32" 6000 model , unfortunately I haven't the space for a 37".
I found the same problem trying to find a review for this model and eventually found a review on th e5 series here :)

It's a long thread and some posters go off the subject and review the 6 series but there's some good info there.

AS regards Freeview i think it's only available in The north of Ireland, but word has it that it's in the pipeline for the Republic sooner rather than later..( so the sales guy in LG says... mind you he was trying to flog me an Lg with the Freeview option at the time. :)
I'm probably gonna buy this set this afternoon as I have got a very good price for it...
What price have you got quoted and from where..?


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Hey, thanks for the reply!

I was actually looking at that thread, but there wasn't that many direct references to this model in particular so I made this one! Although I'm quite a novice when it comes to TVs - if a TV is a part of a particular series, does that mean I only have to look for reviews of that series in general? Like the features, panels etc. used are actually all the same, it's just the screen size that's different?

Heh, whenever I ask about Freeview over here I generally get the same response - it's in the pipeline. I'm not that concerned about it really; all the programs I usually watch are available on terrestrial TV, I'm just worried that the signal will look terrible if it's upscaled or compressed or whatever it is a HD screen would do to it.
Any time I'm in Dixons or wherever, in my opinion the broadcasts on HDTVs look horrible with Sky, which is digital and meant to look crisp. Football players look like smears, there's jagged edges on everything, really bad. Even the HD stuff they have doesn't look great, and I thought the in-store models were always optimised for there..?

Now I'm not 100% whether I can actually buy from here, I'm awaiting a response on whether or not they actually deal with consumers now as well as businesses. I think that they might as when I signed up, VAT numbers etc. were just optional. I added the TV to the cart and at the checkout I got that + €25 shipping, stating that this was the grand total. Which is really quite incredible considering the nearest price I've seen in this country has been about four figures. Although as I said I'm waiting on a reply to see whether I can get it from them or not.

Best of luck with your own purchase, and if you do get it please come back with your opinion :)

*EDIT* I just went past the checkout screen on the pcwb site and see that a VAT reg. no. is required :oops: So I guess I'm still on the hunt for a bargain!


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Lol . That's the site I'm purchasing from, I'm getting an account setup with work as I'm in I.T .
Their price on this model is superb when you compare it the like of all the other retailers both UK and Eire.

Personally I wouldn't go by how the LCD's are setup in the shops whether great picture or bad.
If you have a ps3 the picture is meant to be Top notch from the random posts i've read.

I'm also buying a
D-link520 so i can stream (wired) my mounting MKV HD collection.
I'm not an expert when it comes to Backlighting etc. I'll leave that to the experts, however the specs look very good in comparison to all the other mid-range sets and the price is a clincher.
I'll send any pics once i have it setup , hopefully an "expert" will join this thread and give us a "dig out" for callobrating etc..:lesson:

Let me know whether you get an option to buy it..

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