Samsung LE26R74BDX - Worth the money!


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Feb 14, 2006
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I am about to buy the TV in my title for my bedroom, for Christmas!

Would you say it's the TV I should get for a small-ish bedroom, and being used at the moment for normal Sky and Xbox 360 play?

And, could anyone tell me where I could order a Wall Bracket for this TV to arrive before Christmas?


I have this Tv in my bedroom mounted on the wall.

The picture is a little washed out, but then for this tv i am not feedinng it with a good source, so it's probably my own fault.

I used an AMF vesa bracket for it, cannot remember which one, but i got it off fleabay for about £40.

The sound on this tv is the most major concern, i also own 2 jvc lcd's and the speaker position on those fire the sound at you, on the sammy the sound is fired downwards, meaning you end up running the TV at a much higher volume than normal. To my ears the bass is weak on this set.

This is just my opinion ofc :)

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