Samsung LE26R74BDX - no freeview signal


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Hi - just bought this TV today and so far very pleased, however, I cannot get anything at all on Freeview. Yes, I set the TV to DTV and go into the D.Menu :D

This is the info I get when I go to Signal Information:

Service: ?
Service ID : 0000
Network ID: ? (0000)
Multiplex: ? (0000 & 0000)
Bit error level: 10
Signal Strength: 0

Doing the auto tune results in 0 channels (funnily enough!).

I am based near High Wycombe, Bucks. I would have thought I'd have SOME sort of signal? (Freeview sites state I should get reception). Using an aerial on the roof, get analogue ok (excl Ch5).

Have I overlooked something?! :confused: :lease:


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Your lack of C5 indicates that your aerial is oldish and of a narrow band type.

Many transmitters broadcast Freeview (and C5) on frequencies that are spaced some way away from those used for analogue 1234. If this is true of your transmitter, then you probably need to replace your aerial with a wideband model.

Find your transmitter here
and idientify which aerial type. If it's group W then that's wideband.

New downleads usually help, too. Contact a good, local CAI installer.


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OK, thank you Nigel for the reply. Think the transmitter is Crystal Palace which is some distance away. Am now on the case! Cheers. :thumbsup:


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Also it's worth checking it out round a mates house or something. My 26R74 just went back and the Freeview was dead, it wouldn't find any channels at all. The new one has arrived today and it works fine :) my bro just got one today too and we're both very impressed! You may have a dud TV like mine as I had the same issue (poor signal on channels 1-5 and freeview refused to work). Hope this helps! :thumbsup:


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Most digital compatible aerials are wideband and will work with any transmitter however would have expected you to receive at least half the channnels even if PQ is 'blocky' freeze framing if using an external aerial.

Might also be worth borrowing a friends freeview box to make sure before investing in a new aerial.


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