Samsung LE26R74 fault?


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Hi i've just had Sky+ put into this set and thinks its faulty. When a pic which is mostly dark with a little colour in it shows on the tv it flickers/flashes lighter then darker alomost like the contrast is going from max to min and back again. It has been doing this since i got the set but l had put it down to the poor signal from the wireless sender i was using. Anyone else had this fault? Is it common? I think i'll prob have to take it back and swap it at my store.

Mmm now i've put the wall bracket up i could get a 32"!


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Try turning Dynamic Contrast off. If that doesn't work, then yeah, I'd have someone look at it :confused:


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Dynamic is off mate. First thing i did when i got it plugged in.


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I think you are confusing the "Dynamic" picture settings with Dynamic contrast.

If you switch to the "Movie" picture settings, this will turn off the Dynamic contrast.


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Cheers for that peeps! it worked, i guess its my fault for never looking in the instructions.:thumbsup:

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