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samsung LE26R41BDX + X2VGA + soft modded xbox= problems..can anyone help please!


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Hello Out there
Just took delivery of one of the samsung lcd tvs & getting to grips with it.
I was using my xbox with an X2VGA box with an IIYAMA monitor & getting pretty nice results, I have soft modded the xbox too so I can enable the progressive scan modes. I have tried setting the xbox up today through the samsung but can't get any picture at all! Can anyone help?
I was previously using a sony 26"trinitron with my toshiba dvd player through a QED RGB scart cable which gave a really nice sharp picture.
The samsung picture doesnt seem as good to me to be completely honest, seems to show up a lot of artifacts & looks quite pixally, Is this normal with this set? I wasnt sure whether the higher resolution of the set would show up the misgivings of a standard dvd player, I am using a monster component cable for the picture.
Thanks in advance for any comments.

I have posted this message in another forum but thought it may be best to post it here.


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Thought I may have had some comments from my questions but I'll update you as to how I have got on with the samsung:
I tried linking my pc to the tv & it worked straight away so the tv is fine..
When I link the xbox with the xvga adaptor the tv gives a message saying not supported mode. The xbox/x2vga is outputting 480p. Does anyone know if this set will support this mode through the pc in socket, it seems to me that it doesnt, will I have to go through the hdmi/dvi slot & if so is there any kind of vga adaptor to allow you to do this? I did a google search for a hdmi-vga adaptor but couldnt find anything. I'm thinking that progressive scan is only supported through the hdmi/dvi slot(can anyone confirm this?)
Getting really frustrated now as been at it for hours & hours!!!
From what I have read the tv is running at 50hz, now the xbox has been soft modded to ntsc which I think runs at 60hz will this have anything to do with the problems I am having?
I have had a look at the service menu but couldnt see anything I thought I could maybe change. There was a PC calibration but didnt do the trick.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


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Does this set have a component input? You can get all the progressive modes through this with a suitable hidef kit for you xbox - And they are all impressive
(Sorry if you already new this)


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thanks for the reply :thumbsup:
The set does have component so I think I am going to have to go down that route.


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Some LCDs if HD capable will not output 480i through VGA. Even if you have set a progressive mode since the mod, 480i is the dashboard res. try it with a game loaded first (ie via TV). Thias way you can check if it works at least.

:oops: just seen the date of this, you're probably sorted now!! nevermind

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