Samsung LE26R41BDX Digital tuner performance



Hi, just been checking out your great forum.

Ive just purchased this lovely new Samsung LCD and i was imprsessed when i got it out the box. Its looks great and so much much better than my old Sony 16" widescreen portable!

I got OnDigital when it first came out and i have a Nokia STB. With my current aerial setup this box has given me all the freeview channel with no signal issues or picture breakup. You can imagine how disapointted i am to plug in this brand new LCD, do a scan and to find that althought the channels have been detected i can get a picture on half of them! I have checked all the channel settings and everything seems to be in order. The picture i get on BBC is pin sharp and very nice but i occasionly like to watch ITV,CH4 and FIVE all of which are gone. Ive even plugged in the old On Dig box to the new TV and get all the channels fine from that box.

Ive spent the weekend and more cash than i would have liked on getting a new high gain aerial and shielded coax and a signal booster but this has not improved the digital reception!

Im getting a signal strength 50-60 on most of the muxs(inc bbc) and error level 2 or 3 from the signal strengh on the samsung. My old Nokia box gives me green bar (out of green amber and red for quality) with 4 out of 4 (for signal strenght) for all muxs. I was getting the same settings on the nokia BEFORE the aerial was upgraded!

I was getting an ok analogue picture with the old setup (althought sometimes fuzzy on five) and getting all the analogue just the same on the new TV.

I live 2 miles from the transmitter (although i have no line of site)

In the last 5 year since i bought my on dig box i would have expected standards to have improved rather than slipped. If this set is any indication of the current quality of iDTVs then i can understand why so many people have complain about Digital TV reception.

I bought an iDTV so i could get rid of a box, get a new faster gui/interface(it seems slower so far) and so i could get a bigger better picture!

What i would like to ask is has anyone elese has experianced these problems with the freeview performance?
Do you have any tips to improve my signal?
Have i been given a bad TV, should i return it?

Thanks for your time.



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I think you may have a faulty set. My 32r51 set picks up exactly the same channels as my Sony STB...
Hope that helps.

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