SAMSUNG LE26R41BDX - Definately HD-Ready?



Ok, so I've had enough of the annoying 'quirks' of the LG 26LX2R, mainly the Component connection being so saturated, and the HDMI connection giving sparkles on plenty of perfectly fine cables. It's going back to Comet, and I should be able to choose another set for the same price (or a higher price one and I make up the difference).

Looking on their page, I see the best candidate really is this -

4 questions!

1) The specs on that page say it does not support HDCP... yet the set is clearly marked as HD-Ready, HDCP being a required part of the HD-Ready specification. Can I just assume Comet made a mistake and this set does support HDCP?

2) The infamous tearing problems on the Samsung screens... are these fixed now? I recall they were fixed with a firmware update. If my set does not come with this update, how would I apply it?

3) Does this have VGA? If not, is the DVI a DVI-I or a DVI-D?

4) Does this set have any other quirks I should be aware of before I purchase?

I don't know the answers to your questions other than it is definitely an HD Ready set.

However, should you decide to purchase, it is a lot cheaper here.


Sorry, just read your post again and see that you need to get it from Comet, unless you can get a refund for your LG.


I'll have to see what Comet say. I'd probably prefer a refund... I purchased the set offline because it would be easier to return, and given my current situation, it's a good thing I did.

The Samsung is the same price as the LG anyway so I should be able to do a straight swap.
1) Yep supports HDCP.
2) Tearing problems resolved, hopefully you'll get the new firmware, if not ask samsung for CD & Cable.
3) Has VGA & it is very good !
4) Some people do not like the auto brightness but it doesnt bother me.


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